Friday, April 26, 2002


A proud Southern sharecropper raised on the land,
A Southern Democrat who took his own stand.

Married his sweetheart, then settled on a farm,
Five children to raise and keep from life's harm.

He worked out of town for many a' day,
The mortgage for the farm took all his pay.

Each child took their turn in the daily work,
Caring for the animals, turning the dirt.

Bushells of cotton they each must pick,
Nothing for play but a rock or a stick.

Milking the cow and baking cornbread,
The chores must be done before going to bed.

When the work was all done towards the evening of life,
He looked all around and saw pay for his strife.

Five children were raised and now they're all gone,
Grandchildren to raise in a life of their own.

Proud of what they had done, for they did their best,
He now could sit back and take a long rest.